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Happy Endings


Phoebe Photo Collage


Blonde Phoebe landed in our laps, very happily, on April 9th 2016, in the intake room at LAWS.  She’d been there only a few hours.  We took her home 2 days later, when she met Toby (the redhead) who gave her the cold shoulder to start with. Relations have thawed, and they now enjoy watching the birds and squirrels side by side, and occasionally playing with toys together.

Phoebe, who is a large-framed cat and a little plump at 13.5 pounds, is 3 pounds lighter than she was when she arrived.  She LOVES her food and is a loudly vocal beggar.  When we met Phoebe, her fur had been roughly sheared and we weren’t sure what colour she was; her under-coat is a creamy white.  It turns out her top coat is quite brown – and clashes with Toby’s bright orange-ginger!

We could tell that Phoebe wasn’t used to real exercise.  Stairs were new to her, she didn’t run or play at all, and would pull herself up on furniture with her long claws.  Now, she races up the stair with glee, and jumps on the furniture … leaving long, woolly fur everywhere.

Phoebe is a delightful, affectionate girl who loves being brushed and enthusiastically pulls toys out of the basket to play.  She’s a great companion – we are so lucky!

Patricia Robertson and Family



Lucy’s new family reports :

Hello, on November 4, 2016 we adopted our dog Lucy from your shelter. I wanted to let you know that we have been enjoying her immensely and I think the feeling is mutual. We had a few times where she was leaving presents behind and some incidents with chewing when we left her alone, but we’ve been able to deal with each problem well by crating her when we leave (she’s much calmer this way) and closing garbage can lids …

Thanks so much!
From, Paul, Lorna & Alyssa Mak

HAPPY TAIL: KAL is settling into his new home


A Note from Kal’s New Family

After spending a few minutes with Kal at LAWS we could tell he was a special dog. We wanted to foster him despite his health condition, which at the time was unknown. We were thrilled when Kal was cleared for adoption, as he has brought us so much joy.

It’s been rewarding to see Kal break out of his shell since he arrived home with us. He’s a wonderful dog. He’s quirky, curious and very loving; and he absolutely loves to cuddle! We’re grateful to the dedicated teams at LAWS and Valley Vet who took great care of him. Thanks so much!

HAPPY TAIL : HUTCH Returns Home a Celebrity!


After an adventuresome 24 hours, Hutch, named for the late lead singer of INXS Michael Hutchence, returned safely home to his dog house in Drummond North Elmsley where he lives with owner Jennifer, younger sister Starla and older 2-legged brother Patrick.

Hutch, an ex-pat New Zealander, born in Lower Hutt, New Zealand on 4 Feb 2008 (he’s Aquarius) regrets giving his family a fright, however freely admits to having had a REALLY GREAT TIME and meeting a lot of REALLY NICE PEOPLE including: LAURA 1 who found him on the side of Kelley-Jordan Road, fed him bacon, his favorite food (how did she know?) and took him to meet KATHY, President of Lanark Animal Welfare Society (LAWS) who let him join the gang for a sleepover last night.

Early the next morning Hutch met LAURA 2, Animal control officer, Montague, who took him on a road trip to Kemptville, where he got to meet ANDY CEO, Big Sky Ranch and his lovely assistant Pauline and a host of other assorted critters, all the while being on his best behavior and not chasing cats while awaiting reunion with his family. This whole impromptu Getaway cost NO MORE than 55$ upon picking Hutch up early this afternoon. Jennifer thought this was a REAL BARGAIN considering she had forgotten to re-register Hutch’s microchip here in Canada which she promises to do IMMEDIATELY AND given all the fun activities Hutch had enjoyed while he was away..

Jennifer would like to take this opportunity to THANK God and all those kind people mentioned above, including GLEN, animal control officer, Drummond –North Elmsley, and the HOSTS of the most effective FB Page Ever, Ottawa Valley Lost Pets. You Guys ROCK!

Also as a PERSONAL THANK YOU Hutch will be making a donation of $50 to LAWS for the purchase of more marrow bones and dog cookies to share with all his Friends and Future Guests of LAWS/Montague pound. Woof! WOOF!




Hi Laws! Just wanted to send an update on Flower..

She has settled very well into her new home! She spent her first few minutes at home giving kisses to her fur-cat brother Gus and they have loved having each other ever since. She quickly settled into bed with us on her first night and has made herself quit cozy there every night since too. She is a wonderful addition to our family. We wanted to say THANK YOU for taking such great care of her during her time at Laws, and we will send you pictures of her soon!

Thanks again for all that you do for the animals who make Laws their temporary family until their furever family arrives.

Amanda McElhinney


HAPPY TAIL : SOPHIA (Formerly known as Razer)

Beautiful Sophia (formerly known as Razer), pictured above at the LAWS Shelter, was recently adopted by Therese who has provided us with the following Happy Tail story of progress that Sophia has made since arriving in her new forever home.

“After two weeks under my bed, Sophia is finally coming out! I have a make shift bed on the floor so I could talk her into it. All the work has finally paid off!! I didn’t know until last night that she can meow, purring hasn’t been a problem but when she wanted a pet last night she meowed to get it. She is not roaming the house in daylight yet but comes out from under the bed if I lay there for a pet!!! I give it two weeks & they will be playing together as long as Bert stays patient. Lol”.  …. Therese Lapointe

SOPHIA(Sophia pictured here in her new forever home with housemate Bert)

Therese’s story is one that demonstrates the importance of patience, as rescue cats often require more time and patience that people might think, in making the transition to their forever home.

Happy Tail: Wonderful Update on TOOT!

Hi everybody,

Just thought I would update you on how fast Toot is getting comfortable. He uses his bed in my room now (but not the cat house in the living room yet) and doesn’t hide under the stairs anymore. He still won’t come up to me but he’ll come out and explore even if I’m in the room now. He even played with one of the toys I got him over night, while I was sleeping of course.



Day one, Toot spent a good while in the carrier when we got home, but over night he did leave to use the litter box while I was sleeping.







Day two, Toot would eat out of my hand, and would stand right outside the carrier if I left food in front of it, but he wouldn’t go get it anywhere else if I was in the room.






Day three (Sunday), Toot spent the morning under the stairs, but as the afternoon went on he started getting more confident and came out even though I was in the room, and yesterday he started using the bed I made him out of a box in my room



Happy Tail: Hello from Karen and Suzie


My name is Karen, my mom took me to adopt Suzie, a Chihuahua/Miniature Pinscher from LAWS in 2006 I believe. She was 4 years old and myself 16. Here we are about 10 years later having experienced so much life together, and she’s still as sweet and loving as the day I picked her up.

Thank you so much for contributing to bringing Suzie and I together. We’ve shared a ton of time and memories and now as she’s growing old, I thought it would be really nice to let you know that all the hard work you folks do to rehome these dogs is very worth it. You are the reason she found a forever home with me and I think we both thank you greatly for that.


Have a great day, and know your work is truly appreciated.

Thank you!
Karen and Suzie

Happy Tail: Hello from Spike McKay


Hi there,

We wanted to send you an update from our boy, Spike. We adopted him from LAWS on Labor Day, last year.

He has been such a wonderful addition to our family. He is so loving and charming and we are so, so grateful to have him in our lives.

He is adored by everyone who meets him. He greets us with kisses all the time and we couldn’t ask for a better boy to “spoil” with love and attention. He has the most loving personality and in addition, he is so handsome and photogenic!

He wants us to send you a few pictures of him to let you know that he is doing well and is grateful that you took him in last summer.



SpikeMcKay4 SpikeMcKay3 SpikeMcKay2


Thank you for all you do,
Darlene, Yvonne and Spike McKay




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