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Happy Endings



Loba (now LOLA) arrived at LAWS some time at the end of March in a pretty rough shape. After a few weeks in care at LAWS, we realized Loba needed more than we could provide at the shelter. We needed a Foster Home and we needed it fast. A call for a Foster home was posted on our Facebook page and Shannon (professor of veterinarian services at Algonquin College) came to Loba’s rescue. We couldn’t be happier with the match as Shannon and her family welcomed Loba with open arms.

LOLA’s “New Family” recently wrote to us with this to say :

Lola is amazing! She’s part of the family and doing really well! Our goal was to give her a happy summer… but at this point, I see no reason for anything to change. We adore her and she’s living a joyful life.

After lots of love and finding the right combination of pain medication, Lola is improving every day! She loves her K9 brother Griffin and follows him around the farm for walks and she loves to play in the snow. Lola also loves her kitty siblings and fits right in to the family! She’s living the life of a Queen and is not only a happy and very content girl, she’s brought abundant joy to our family.




SONNY’s Family has sent us this update :

We adopted Sonny in the Spring (2017). He came with a booklet from his former owners. He was very grumpy, and we had to have him shaved as he is a long hair rag doll tabby and too grumpy to be brushed or get tats out. Now he’s happy and sometimes friendly.

Sonny still has attitude but we wouldn’t have it any other way. He fits in perfectly with our family. He also allows us to pet and love him when he comes looking for attention.

We just want to say that we love him to bits and we are so glad that we chose LAWS for our adoption!

Don Caldwel



IDAHO’s Family writes :

This is a long overdue update on Idaho. We adopted Idaho on March 27, 2017.

He seemed to know his name already, so we did not change it. When Idaho arrived at the shelter he was very matted so they shaved most of his fur. We thought we would send an update once his fur had grown back in…but it has taken a long time…and still seems to be growing!!!

When we first brought Idaho home, he talked non-stop. He has a very sweet little “chirp” and he doesn’t really meow. I think he was trying to tell us about his adventures. As described by my 10 year old, Idaho is made of pure fluff and silliness. He loves to play with his toys…or anything that could be a toy ?.

Idaho has a great sense of humor – he races to our bedroom every night and hides behind our curtains in wait…to scare me half to death. Every. Single. Night! We are so happy we chose Idaho to join our family and we love our fluffy boy ?



A Very Happy Tail

This amazing boy survived a fire that destroyed the home he shared with several other cats. Tuffy not only survived the amputation of his right front leg but being caged for about a month at the shelter during his convalescence. Tuffy came back sweet and active and purring – what a guy!
It is totally understandable that people might be hesitant to adopt a cat with special needs but Tuffy has found the right home with the right family.

Tuffy’s new mom writes:

“Just wanted to send an update on Tuffy. He is our third “LAWS” cat since 2004. We have renamed him “Castiel” (our little angel). He settled in right away and by day 2, he was very comfortable. He is a VERY affectionate little guy, loves to give kisses and head butts with both of us. Unfortunately this little guy wanted to be friends with our current cat “CLEOpatra” but she didn’t want anything to do with him, keeping him at a distance. He was so cute trying to get close to her and giving a sad little “chirp” when she rebuffed him. 5 days later, she now allows him to sit on “HER” chair, but still has not come completely around yet.

He’s happy, healthy and getting stronger each day! We LOVE the little guy and look forward to years of friendship in his new Furever Home.”

Additional Note: Tuffy won the hearts of everyone at the shelter during his stay with us and we are so very happy that he has found his furever home. We are confident he will eventually charm Cleopatra like he charmed us – it just may take a while!


Shadow and Bagheera


Here’s a new photo of our lovely little boys Shadow and Bagheera, who were adopted last week from Natural Pet Foods Store in Carleton Place.

Their new mom writes:

I’ve renamed them Mac & Cheese, Mac is the small one on the left with the red collar/harness & Cheese is the one on the right.

The ladies at the pet store were wonderful and extremely helpful and patient. I spent hours there a few weeks before, wanting these boys. They even let me borrow their cat carrier, I bought two new ones yesterday.



“NEW” — Update on Roger (12/4/2017)

Thank you LAWS ! Almost a year ago we adopted a stray from you, Roger , who turned out to be the ABSOLUTE PERFECT cat for our family!! We’re very lucky to have him . Thank you for giving him a chance at a family where he’s loved to bits. Keep up your great work!

from Catherine Chauvin

Roger’s New Family writes :

Just a quick update on Roger also known as Gardening Jo , as he has a profound love for my plants, lol.. Roger is doing great, getting really big. Roger is very active, always silly … Gets along well with the kids and spends half of his days on top of the world in his cat tree.

Thank you LAWS for all you do and for allowing us to add such a cool guy to our family.


Carl’s New Family writes :

Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that Carl is doing great at our house. He is such a chill, affectionate, goofy guy. He and Bonnie are pals and he has even convinced our cat Brownie to be friends. He is always looking for a cuddle and happy to curl up in any and every spot he can find.

All 3 of our furry friends have been adopted from LAWS – Thanks so much for all you do!
Not the best picture of me but a good shot of sweet Carl. I was sick in bed for a few days and Carl was purring away in my ear and giving me regular cuddles




Candi’s New Person writes :

Hey! I hope you guys remember me, I adopted Candi on Friday the 3rd. Just wanted to send you a little update on how’s she’s doing. Candi is currently curled up next to me in bed purring away.

The very same day I adopted Candi, she came out of hiding and claimed my bed as her own.

Candi is still a little skittish with anyone who isn’t me, but the moment I walk into the room and talk to her she perks up and starts purring and kneading the bed. I think we were meant for each other.

I just wanted to thank you guys for allowing me to adopt this beautiful girl. Candi is very loved.






Happy Ending Update from Dixie’s Family :

We have had Dixie (now known as Bailey) for the past 3 weeks & have loved every minute of it.
She is a firecracker and has the most amazing personality. We are 100% in love with her.
She loves socks and playing with anything she can get her paws on. She has definitely come out of her shell these past few weeks and is so snuggly. She thinks she is lap dog!

We just wanted to send a note your way to say that we can not thank LAWS enough for bringing her into our lives. Adopting Dixie has been the most rewarding experience & we have been telling everyone how amazing your shelter is!

Chelsea, Travis & Bailey

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