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LAWS has been receiving many queries about the Media reporting of LAWS, stray dogs, and the Pound. Some of the headlines and reports have indeed been confusing.

The Pound is separate from LAWS – the Shelter. Dogs are not kept at the Pound for lengthy periods of time. The pound is a place of safety for a dog until its owner can be located or, if unclaimed, a dog rescue or Shelter space is sought out.

As of 01 April, LAWS will not be running the Pound for dogs. LAWS has contracted out this responsibility for stray or abandoned dogs. Dogs picked up by Animal Control Officers (ACOs) for the municipalities previously contracted with LAWS, will continue to be housed at the Lanark Dog Pound, located at the LAWS Shelter. This facility will be under the control of Laura and Marty Lowson.

LAWS (the Shelter) will continue to provide poundkeeper services for the two municipalities, Smiths Falls and Carleton Place, that pick up stray cats. LAWS (the Shelter) will also continue to accept surrenders of dogs and cats from the public who can no longer care for their pets.

If there are any questions or concerns about the change in pound responsibilities please contact LAWS at 613-283-9308 or via email at

Notice of a Special Meeting of the Membership for the Lanark Animal Welfare Society (LAWS)

Notice of a Special Meeting of the Membership for the Lanark Animal Welfare Society (LAWS)

Please be advised that a meeting will be held on August 24, 2015 at the Carleton Place Town Hall, 175 Bridge Street from 7 – 9 p.m.

The sole purpose of this meeting is to address the new ByLaws for the charity, which are attached with this notice.

If quorum is present (in person or by proxy) at the meeting on August 24, the new Bylaws can be ratified by a vote of the members at that time. If the membership wishes more time to review the draft then it is the intention that the ByLaws be ratified at the Annual General Meeting which will be held later this year.

Corporate Bylaws describe the internal rules governing the management of the corporation. Bylaws describe the duties and obligations of the directors and officers and govern how the corporation will be run.

In 1986 the original Bylaws were written when the charity was incorporated in the province of Ontario under the Ontario Corporations Act. New legislation, the Not-For-Profit Corporations Act (2010), is expected to go into force in 2016. It is essential that the charity’s Bylaws be revised to align with the new legislation. For this reason, and also to reflect the current times, the original Bylaws have been revamped by the Board of Directors. Because the Bylaws is a legal document, the draft has been reviewed by a lawyer. The new Bylaws are being presented to you as a member of LAWS for your review.

If you wish to vote on August 24, but will not be able to attend in person please complete the attached proxy which can be delivered by hand to the shelter at 253 Glenview Road, Smiths Falls, or mailed to:

Lanark Animal Welfare Society,
P.O. Box 156
Smiths Falls, ON
K7A 4T1

Note that the proxy form found here is the only one that will be accepted at this meeting.

Please note that completed proxies must be received no later than Friday, August 21, 2015.

Thank you for your continued support to the animals represented by LAWS.
The Board of Directors

Meeting Notice and Proxy Form

ByLaws Special Meeting Notice & Proxy Form
ByLaws Special Meeting Notice & Proxy Form
ByLaws Special Meeting Notice.pdf
248.3 KiB

Draft Bylaws

LAWS Draft Bylaws V4
LAWS Draft Bylaws V4
LAWS Draft Bylaws V4.pdf
Version: V4
362.2 KiB

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