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Our mission is to promote the welfare of all animals, to provide shelter and care, and prevent cruelty and suffering for those animals in need.

Recent Events

Toonies to the RESCUE Campaign


The Perth Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), a group of local citizens committed to serving the welfare of animals, announces its first “Toonies to the RESCUE” campaign. All funds raised will go to LAWS. The campaign which will run from March 1st to April 30th, 2016 is also sponsored by Perth Downtown Pharmasave. This unique fundraiser invites the public to pick up a “toonie container” at Perth Pharmasave on Foster St., fill it with toonies and return it to the pharmacy. Tax receipts will be issued by LAWS.

PAWS is a small group of Perth and area citizens who for the past five years have raised money and awareness for animal welfare. Through trivia contests, yard sales, bottle drives and more, PAWS is proud to have given over $22,000 to LAWS and it now asks for your support of the Toonies to the Rescue campaign in order to help ensure that LAWS can continue its work.

The Lanark Animal Welfare Society, through the efforts of dedicated volunteers, staff and the financial support of the citizens of Lanark County, has provided compassionate care for thousands of distressed animals since its founding over 30 years ago. The Shelter does not receive financial support from government or any other source other than the generosity of the public. From time to time LAWS must actively seek the public’s financial assistance when circumstances arise that place extreme demands on the Shelter’s ability to respond. It is always a challenge just to pay the bills for heat, water, electricity, salaries, food and veterinary bills all of which are necessary for LAWS to remain in operation. Too often animals arrive at the Shelter requiring emergency medical attention. LAWS is fortunate to have good relationships with local veterinarians; however, necessary costs are nonetheless incurred in order to ease the suffering of an animal. The Toonies to the Rescue campaign provides an opportunity for everyone to support LAWS. as their budget allows. Every person, including children, can have the satisfaction of knowing that each toonie counts and that they have helped an animal in distress. Merchants in downtown Perth have eagerly come forward to support the Toonies to the Rescue campaign as a demonstration of faith in the service that LAWS provides. Perth Downtown Pharmasave jumped on board to be the location for the pick-up and drop-off of the toonie containers and as well has donated the containers themselves. Images Inter Alia on North St. generously provided the “The Toonies to the Rescue” banner. LAWS is truly a grass roots organization and demonstrates so well what a group of caring, determined people can do to make a difference. We are a better society when we support an animal shelter that is open 365 days a year providing food, shelter and care for suffering, lost or neglected animals. This is what a civilized and compassionate community does.

The following is a statement that sums up the mission of LAWS:

“As an independent No-kill shelter LAWS does not euthanize for population control, age, breed or after a set amount of time has passed. Euthanasia is reserved only for those cases where an animal is ill or aggressive to the point that quality of life is impacted. All animals in the Shelter’s care will be cared for until a suitable home, permanent or foster, is found. LAWS provides food, shelter, veterinary care and love from our dedicated staff and volunteers. We also try to work with other Rescues to optimize the adoption of our animals.”

If you would like to participate in the Toonies to the Rescue campaign, please drop by Perth Downtown Pharmasave.

Pet Valu Doggie Wash & Nail Trim Fundraiser – Thank you!

Huge thank you to everyone who helped out at the Smiths Falls Pet Valu Fundraiser on January 30th! .. It was a huge success!

The baked goods were amazing ! The volunteers who helped wash/clip nails or do cash and spoke to the public, were amazing and hard working. This event couldn’t have happened without the wonderful support of volunteers. Thank you also to our community for coming out and supporting us today !

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LAWS will be having another Fundraiser again on March 12 with dog wash and nail trims being offered, so stay tuned for upcoming details!

Cupcake Day – Mon Feb 23rd


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Cupcake Day

Join Us and “Bake” a Difference!

Monday February 23rd

Bake cupcakes, raise funds and help support LAWS for Cupcake Day.

By baking and selling cupcakes in your area, you are fundraising for Cupcake Day for LAWS.





How to get in on the cupcake fun:

1. E-mail us / PM us on Facebook
2. Plan and promote your Cupcake Day party.
3. Encourage people you know to support LAWS and Cupcake Day by also donating (Canada Helps)
4. Bake awesome cupcakes!!!
5. Collect donations when you sell your cupcakes; submit your donations – you can visit LAWS or we can come to you!
6. Celebrate your success because you helped your local no-kill shelter.

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