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Phoebe Photo Collage


Blonde Phoebe landed in our laps, very happily, on April 9th 2016, in the intake room at LAWS.  She’d been there only a few hours.  We took her home 2 days later, when she met Toby (the redhead) who gave her the cold shoulder to start with. Relations have thawed, and they now enjoy watching the birds and squirrels side by side, and occasionally playing with toys together.

Phoebe, who is a large-framed cat and a little plump at 13.5 pounds, is 3 pounds lighter than she was when she arrived.  She LOVES her food and is a loudly vocal beggar.  When we met Phoebe, her fur had been roughly sheared and we weren’t sure what colour she was; her under-coat is a creamy white.  It turns out her top coat is quite brown – and clashes with Toby’s bright orange-ginger!

We could tell that Phoebe wasn’t used to real exercise.  Stairs were new to her, she didn’t run or play at all, and would pull herself up on furniture with her long claws.  Now, she races up the stair with glee, and jumps on the furniture … leaving long, woolly fur everywhere.

Phoebe is a delightful, affectionate girl who loves being brushed and enthusiastically pulls toys out of the basket to play.  She’s a great companion – we are so lucky!

Patricia Robertson and Family

Updated: February 10, 2017 — 7:34 am

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