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Our mission is to promote the welfare of all animals, to provide shelter and care, and prevent cruelty and suffering for those animals in need.


LAWS provides shelter for domesticated animals only. We house cats and dogs at the shelter. Occasionally rabbits and horses come into our care but they go to foster homes right away. We do not have the resources nor are we a licensed rehabilitator to take in and care for wild animals.

Now that Spring has arrived, there are newborn babies all around us. The first instinct of a human when they come upon very young kittens or wildlife, is to protect them. The best thing to do is to not touch young wild animals or go too close to them. If you see young babies near a mother that has been hit by a car, this would be the time to intervene. Otherwise, mom may just be off having lunch nearby and will return at some point.

If the babies are in a relatively safe area (not in the middle of the road), leave them alone and mom will probably be back soon to retrieve them. If the babies are in the middle of a road, move them to a safe area on the side of the road and monitor them from a distance.


Often people assume that monitoring means standing right next to young wildlife and observing them while waiting for the mother to show up. It is important to not stay around the babies, but to leave them and return several hours later to check from a distance to see if the mother has returned. If observing, again this needs to be for several hours (3-4) and at a good distance so that if the mother does return, she will not be scared off.

If you encounter wildlife (mammals or turtles) and have questions, or need guidance on what to do, please contact the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary at 613-258-9480 (leave a message) or send an e-mail to

For more detailed information see their website at

Updated: April 30, 2017 — 4:58 pm

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