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Trouble Fund (Spay/Neuter Assistance Program)


Born on January 9th, 2001, Trouble spent the first three months of his life at the SPCA in Ottawa. An over achiever from the get go, Trouble found his forever family in March of that same year, remaining a loyal companion with a love for adventure for the 12 years that followed. Trouble was a real go-getter, who was trained within a week to do his business outside, and while not the cuddliest dog, his faithfulness and passion for travelling were unsurpassed. Trouble never ventured far from his Mom and Dad, and rarely missed an opportunity to jump in the car for a road trip, regardless of how far the adventure took him. Once he heard the two magic words “Are you…”, Trouble would make a beeline for the car with hopes of satisfying his yearning for adventure. It is unlikely that there is another dog in this world that has travelled between Montreal and Toronto as much as he had, alas, he was fittingly nicknamed ‘The Travel Dog”. Trouble was also affectionately known as ‘Woobles’ and ‘Mr Sniffy Wiggle Butt’ (yes, for the obvious reasons- his posterior would wiggle while he sniffed), and while his greatest loves were his family and travel, his next greatest love was treats. He quickly learned that responding to basic commands would often result in some fine gastronomy (a word he learned during his travels to Montreal). Sadly, after 12 years of undivided love and affection, Trouble embarked on his last road trip and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. He is deeply missed by his Mom and Dad, who know that he is watching over them and have decided to embark on an adventure in memory of his life.

The ‘Trouble Fund’ has been established for the purpose of raising money that will be used for the sole purpose of distributing spay/neuter vouchers to families in need of financial assistance. LAWS in partnership with the want to ensure that we promote responsible pet ownership and provide owners with the support they require to ensure that their beloved pet has access to spay/neuter services. The vast benefits associated with spay/neuter programs are primarily founded upon the impact it has on the current overpopulation crises that has resulted in an increase number of stray pets throughout our communities. While LAWS remains a ‘no kill’ shelter, these strays, when placed in other shelters, find themselves at a greater risk of euthanasia simply due to a lack of shelter space. The residual benefits associated with a spay/neuter program are derived by the fact that the majority of these pets have never had a relationship with a veterinarian, this initial contact, during the spay/neuter, can serve to identify other potential health concerns and provide pet owners with the support they require in order to ensure that their pet has a long, healthy and happy life in their home. Trouble’s life serves as a clear example of the love and value a forever friend can bring to a home and for that reason, it is only fitting that our spay/neuter program be named after him, the ‘Trouble Fund’. For more information on the benefits of Spay/Neuter programs, please visit any of the following sites:

For those interested in mailing or dropping off a donation for this cause, please ensure that you indicate that you’d like your donation to be directed towards the ‘Trouble Fund’.

For families who are interested in receiving a voucher, please send an email to :, more information will be provided – please be advised that vouchers will be distributed based on the availability of funds. A wait list will be created and vouchers, as they become available, will be distributed on a priority basis.

On behalf of Trouble, his family, and LAWS, we’d like to thank you for your ongoing support and commitment in keeping Trouble’s memory alive and in ensuring that all pets have the chance to live a long, healthy, and happy life.

Happy Trails!


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