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Adopting a cat or dog is a major decision and we are here to help you make the best match.

Puppies (2 years and under): $475.00

Adult Dogs : $375.00

Senior Dogs (7 years+): $300.00 

This fee covers spay/neuter of adult dogs or spay/neuter voucher for puppies, microchip implant, vaccinations, deworming treatment and flea treatment.

Animal Rescue and Care

Kittens (up to 6 months of age) : $245.00

2 Kitten Siblings : $440.00

Adult Cats: $185.00

2 Adult Cats: $320.00

Senior Cats (10 years+): $100

This fee covers spay/neuter of adult cats or kittens, microchip implant, vaccinations, rabies (depending on age), deworming treatment and flea treatment.

Ginger Cat

To begin the adoption process, please download the associated PDF and  and send it to

Important Notes

  • Please remember to bring your own cat carrier with you at the time of your adoption, if possible!

  • Cash, Debit or Visa are the only accepted forms of payment for adoptions. We currently cannot accept Mastercard or personal cheques.

  • LAWS puts forward the best effort to ensure that your selected animal is a suitable match and your adoption will be approved on an individual basis based on the information you provide to the LAWS staff. LAWS will disclose any and all information obtained about this animal from past history or from personal observation during its time at the shelter but you will be agreeing to take on the future responsibility of this animal.

  • If you must return the animal, for any reason, you have 30 days to do so post-adoption without reimbursement of any kind.

  • If you must return the animal AFTER the first 30 days you will be subject to the shelter’s current animal surrendering fee.

  • Please note: We do not issue refunds.

  • We remain committed to making every adoption a successful one–for both you and the animals in our care!

  • Please drop in at our shelter to see the animals available for adoption. One might be right for you!

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